I really wanted to name this post FUCK YOU 2013. Is WTF more polite? Whatever… So I am not ashamed to admit it that I’ve been self-medicating for the past few days with copious amounts of food and drink. 2013 is only a few days old and it’s already kicking my butt. My Grandmother passed … Continue reading

It’s August

Summers in Maine are short. This year we’ve been blessed with heat, humidity, evening thunderstorms, sunshine, bugs… Everything you need to call these three fleeting months summer. And here we are — it’s August. There are back-to-school ads everywhere. Tomatoes are ripening. Blueberries are ready for picking. Soon, it will all be over. But before … Continue reading


It’s the end of another exhausting, exhilarating, fun, and frustrating day. I haven’t blogged in a while, but since today was a milestone day, I thought I should catch up. So today Sam spent the entire day without his diaper. Pretty cool, right? I was getting sick of him whining about diaper changes, so this … Continue reading

Farm and family

Whew. So we are back from Pennsylvania where we visited my mother-in-law and her husband last week and over the weekend. The trip was much better than I thought it would be in some ways, but much worse in others. Sam was a total delight. He was a trooper until about the last 45 minutes … Continue reading

Slice of Life — “I want”

“I want…” This is Sam’s favorite way of starting a sentence these days. There is so much to want in his little world — more Cheerios, more fruit, more books, more fire trucks, more Fireman Sam DVD, more hugs, more time in the yard, more time on the swings. Every moment of every day is … Continue reading

Slice of Life — Nothing specific

Another day at home with Sam — another day of disjointed, random thoughts. 1. As Sam grows and explores his world more and more, I find that I have to check a lot of my fears at the door in order to not hold him back from his own discovery. This includes fear of heights … Continue reading

Slice of Life — Sick day

I was going to have a quiet day at home, without Sam. I was going to get some work done, maybe blog or do a load of laundry. I am doing all of this, but with a sick little boy in tow. It is just a cold, but after a miserable night I thought it … Continue reading

Slice of Life — Will miss this

I just looked at the calendar today and realized that the Slice of Life challenge will soon be over. March is a loooong month and on March 1 the end seemed very far. And now we are almost there. I am sure I am not the only one who will miss this daily exercise. I … Continue reading

Slice of Life — Life

I was thinking about what to write today. Nothing good came to mind — it is just one of those routine Mondays. I did not sleep well, the half glass of wine I had last night gave me a headache, and my tummy was upset. Is this anything to slice about? Not really. I often … Continue reading